The Vale Fox Tod & Vixen’s Dry Gin 1651

While they age their first American Single Malt Whisky, The Vale Fox Distillery — opened by Eral Gokgol-Kline in Poughkeepsie, NY — wins on label art for sure. Tod & Vixen’s Dry Gin 1651 sports a whimsical label out of a children’s book (think Fantastic Mr. Fox meets Alice in Wonderland). The gin was created with cocktails in mind, so Gokgol-Kline recruited a team of famed bartenders — like Gary (Gaz) Regan and Jeffery Morganthaler — to consult on the final product. Classic botanicals (juniper, orris and angelica root, orange peel) come through, while the more unusual, red rooibos tea and makrut lime leaves, can feel like a bit of clash, but round out nicely in cocktails.
Taste rating: 3.5

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