Upgrade your martini hour with bartender-approved bottles

Written by Kate Dingwall

Gin, though usually considered an easy-sipping clear spirit, is a complex category. There are herbaceous gins, citrus gins, malty gins, and gins spiced with roots and herbs. There are gins that shine in a martini, and breezier gins designed to pair perfectly with a gin and tonic. Thanks to a wave of new producers around the globe, many gins now showcase local botanicals—Malfy Gin out of Italy is crafted with bright Mediterranean citrus, while Dutch genevers use local grains for malty, heavy-body gins. In Canada, gins are being produced with gin while Porter’s Gin makes gin from the Buddha’s Hand.

To help navigate the realm of gins, we asked a team of professional bartenders for their can’t-live-without bottles. These cocktail experts have selected tried-and-true gins that shine in martinis, Negronis, and gimlets, and of course, the best gin for a simple G&T.

Read on to learn more about the best gins available.