The Spirits

At the Vale Fox Distillery, we think of ourselves as a work-in-progress.

We currently produce Tod & Vixen’s Dry Gin 1651, an ultra-premium gin developed with three of the world’s leading bartender specifically to enhance cocktails and inspired by a spirited duo of fictional foxes. In addition, we are producing and ageing our American Single Malt Whisky, which will rival the whiskies produced in the UK, Japan and elsewhere around the world.

There are two things that drive our enterprise — quality and innovation. We take the lessons learned from 500 years of trial-and-error and research, and allow ourselves the freedom to innovate. Our Master Distiller, Roselyn Thomson, has made spirits her entire work life for leading British distilleries. She makes sure of our production excellence and consistency.

When it comes to innovation, we are not believers in change for change sake, instead we take a scientific approach and make sure there is a true benefit to our innovation. Read more about our process ›

Tod & Vixen’s Dry Gin 1651

Developed combining the expertise of our British Master distiller with three of the world’s top bartenders, gaz regan, Leo Robitschek and Jeffrey Morgenthaler from day one, our gin balances juniper with other botanicals to specifically enhance the flavors in your cocktails.

American Single Malt Whisky

We have also produced an American-style single malt whisky that, once it has fully aged and matured, will rival those produced anywhere in the world.